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Meet the Team: John White – Reassessing what matters most

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With more and more focus on physical and mental wellbeing, it’s easy to forget the importance of financial wellbeing.

As quality of life becomes even more important in these uncertain times, Independent Financial Adviser, part-time ‘Dad’s taxi’ and occasional cricket coach John White, from Hartsfield Planning Corsham, gives you advice on how to get ‘financially fit’.

Q. What exactly is financial wellbeing?

A. Most people have financial concerns at some point in their life. Whether it’s uncertainty about whether you can afford to retire, or reassessing what’s important right now, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. As a parent, you worry about the future finances of your children too.

Financial wellbeing comes from understanding the things that are important to you and the choices you have. It’s about having a plan that enables you to enjoy life in the present, as well as clarity on what you want to achieve in the future.

Like physical and mental wellbeing, everyone’s version of financial wellbeing is different. Getting an overall picture of your finances is a great place to start. Then, think ahead and consider your desired retirement lifestyle and timescales. This will start to shape what ‘healthy’ looks like for you.

Q. How has Covid changed things?

A. The biggest change I’ve seen this year is that people are re-evaluating what’s important. Lots of clients have admitted that they took so many things for granted and are now reassessing their quality of life.

Clients who used to commute to London every day, for example, are enjoying new-found flexibility and are reconsidering when to retire. A more balanced and flexible working life means some clients actually want to work for longer. While others have realised that they want to enjoy the moment and retire earlier than planned.

The key is to evaluate what’s important to you, so you can make financial decisions that help you get what you want from life. And if you’re feeling a bit lost, get in touch; we can help you work out what you might need and how best to realise it.

Q. What are the most common financial planning concerns?

A. Expectations around retirement have changed dramatically. People have much more choice now, so clients often come to us because they’re struggling to understand the options available to them.

We can help them work out what’s right for them based on their retirement and lifestyle aspirations. Ultimately, we help people think about things differently, which gives them more choice and greater financial freedom.

“So often, clients have built up pensions and investments, but they don’t really know what it all means. I love being able to say to people “Yes, you can afford to do that!”

John White, Independent Financial Adviser, Hartsfield Planning

Lots of clients want to help their children and grandchildren too. They’re particularly concerned about the impact of Covid-19 on the financial wellbeing of their families. As a Dad to three boys, I can totally relate to this.

We’ve been able to work out financial plans that benefit clients and their families which has been a big relief in these tough times.

Q. What are your top financial planning tips?

1. Take advantage of workplace pension schemes. Affordability is crucial and living for now is important but investing more now will give you additional options later on.

If you’re not sure what your pensions represent or how to make the best of them, get expert advice from one of our Independent Financial Advisors. We’ll sit down with you and work everything out.

“One of the best parts of this job is being able to help people in the local community and provide peace of mind.”

2. Make use of the latest tech. Thanks to Covid, we’ve seen a huge acceleration in clients embracing technology. I’d really recommend a smart financial app like ‘Hartsfield Insight’ which is an easy way to keep on top of everything.

3. It’s your life and you always have a choice. Be true to what you want from life and align your financial goals with your dreams.

Once you are clear on your finances and your vision for the future, you can make informed financial decisions.

If you’re reassessing what’s important and you’d like to improve your financial wellbeing, get in touch and book a free financial consultation today.


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